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Web Based Coroner / Medical Examiner Case Management Systems

DATABUTION Case reports, evidence logs, property release forms, and all other documents are generated as .pdf documents. Case reports include appropriate watermark. Included Stakeholders can acquire case numbers for completed cases flagged by C/ME as NVDRS, SUID, or SUDORS relevant. Multifactor Authentication (MFA), SSL encryted connection between server and user, and encrypted sensitive information fields in database. One annual subscription fee based on case volume. No setup or other hidden fees. No training is necessary as DATABUTION is extremely easy to use.
MDILOG V4 Application includes several standard reports (case/morgue/invoicing/drug deaths/child deaths, etc.) for all users Cases can be "linked" to one incident and tracked. Local system administrators can provide permissions to outside stakeholders and monitor access. Users can customize their account to send either text or email notification when specific tasks are completed. Meets the U.S. government compliance requirements and U.S. Department of Defense Security Requirements Guide at Impact Levels 2, 4 and 5. Pricing based on jurisdictional population. Webinar no charge; $1,000 a day for in-person training.
COHERO CORONER RM5 V3.11 Application uses SSRS for reporting, and customers may select from several report options or create and save an unlimited number of ad hoc queries and custom reports. Search and report results can be exported to Microsoft Excel. In development This functionality is being evaluated for future development. Multilayered security is encrypted using TLS 1.2 or greater authentication. Passwords are encrypted both in transit and at rest. Sensitive settings are encrypted using AES-256. Multifactor authentication is available. Offers (1) one-time perpetual license or (2) ongoing SaaS licensing. Three levels of site features are available, and pricing is based on criteria—including agency size, records/attachments stored, feature set, and deployment type. Training is included for system administrators, end users, and train-thetrainers. User manuals and training documents are included and training may take place over online video or in person for a fee.
JUSTICETRAX LIMS-PLUS Application has a Microsoft SQL database backend for data storage and reporting. It uses SAP Crystal Reports for creating analytical reports, worksheets and notes. Information may be exported to Microsoft SSRS and Power BI/ Tableau. JusticeTrax LIMS-plus provides multiple options. Ability to manage mass casualty depends on workflow for particular agencies. The LIMS-Plus Portal enables pre-logging of case information. Stakeholders can view the status of any case/request for analysis they have submitted or download completed reports, with the ability to email reports from directly within the application. Data encryption for data both in transit and at rest. Application requires both username and password entry to gain access to the application. Perpetual license priced by active named user; per license costs are scaled by agency size. Administrator/ Configuration training and End User training. Additional training for SAP Crystal Reporting is offered.
FORENSIC ADVANTAGE Ad hoc reporting may be exported to DevEx, DocGen, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), or fed to Power BI/ Tableau. Offered A secure portal allows communication with constituents and can send out notifications when deliverables and other information is posted. Annual third-party audits help to ensure adoption of industry best practices. FIPS 140-2 NIST certification is used throughout the CMS and two-factor authentication may be enabled. Specific customer price will vary based on agency requirements and modules selected. Training provided as part of project implementation; ongoing and specific module training is available
CRIME FIGHT B.E.A.S.T. MEDICAL EXAMINER SYSTEM Several standard reports are available and can be customized. Analytical Reports and Analytical Worksheets will be tailored for the customer. Ability to create quick case screens to aid in the entry, tracking and electronic manifests for outside DNA labs. A Prelog portal allows viewing of work to be done and its results. Discovery package gathers all electronic documents in the system and external sources and can notify the agency when the package is ready for download. Support Staff complete CJIS compliance certification. Support staff who work directly with customer data submit to background checks as required by the customer. Perpetual license pricing models, including (1) site license, (2) per concurrent user, (3) per workstation. Implementation includes on-site training for IT Staff, LIMS Administrators, Section supervisors, and LIMS users.
CASE MANAGEMENT (QUINCYTECH) Various file types (e.g., PDF, docx, jpeg); text, numerical, date, phone, SSN, editable drop- down lists, etc. Ability to link multiple cases to the same incident. Built in Case Communication module tracks requests and interfaces with the client's email system to auto-log important communication initiated from within the application. Encrypted at rest, multifactor authentication is available if required. Pricing depends on number of concurrent users, number of modules and interfaces, amount of customization and storage needs. Train the Trainer (USERS), Global Admin (Super USERS), IT Support, are included in the installation. Additional training can be supported.
CME V3 MOON (VERTIQ) Ad hoc reporting within any field of the system. Multitude of standard and statistical reports are included with this system. Application allows for multiple individual cases to be created based on an incident/location. The application also contains a Case Association page, which allows a user to associate various cases together. The COTS application allows for an internal user to enter in these requests through the document request page. The system supports the ability to provide the requested documents via email from within the application. All data are encrypted in transit, at rest, and in the backups. Includes the following security compliance certifications: HIPPA, CJIS, FIPS 140, FedRAMP High, NIST 800-171, ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3 and CSA Star certified. Annual fee (determined by number of concurrent users). System Administrator and Train the Trainer are included in the project plan. Costs are determined by the number of concurrent users and/or roles that require or desire training. End user training can also be performed if desired.


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